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Inside Justice was launched in July 2010 to investigate alleged miscarriages of justice. We assist those in prison in England and Wales who are protesting their innocence by reinvestigating their cases. We can assess trial evidence, revisit witnesses, identify and commission new forensic work and trawl through unused material in order to find that elusive piece of evidence to get the case back to the Court of Appeal. We also protect the rights of applicants and their families when faced with injustice. For example, we are actively working on new national protocols in two key areas: 1. A protocol to ensure the safe retention of material in police stores so that evidence is protected, allowing genuinely innocent prisoners to prove their wrongful conviction and 2. A new protocol which will stop the common - and wrongful - practice by police forces of refusing to release material held in storage post-conviction for new investigations.

Inside Justice believe that accurate reporting around miscarriages of justice is important. We contribute to articles or news reports, give interviews and have appeared in documentaries such as the BBC’s Conviction series and we also serve to educate via our Crime Live events.

Inside Justice is a small charity with limited funding. We do the work we do because we believe everybody has the right to justice regardless of personal wealth. Imagine being imprisoned for a crime you have not committed and having no access to help. We change that. We make a real difference. We need funds so we can continue our work and help more people get answers. If you can help us please use the link to donate amounts up to £500. If you, or your organisation, would like to support our work over that value, please contact us directly.

Conviction BBC TV Series

Our work has been filmed for the BBC TV series "Conviction". The first series "Conviction: Murder at the Station" was broadcast in 2016 and can be viewed on YouTube: Part 1 & Part 2. Our work on Roger Kearney’s case continues. Series Two: "Conviction: Murder in Suburbia" was broadcast in 2018 and can be viewed here: Part 1 & Part 2

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Louise Shorter is absolutely brilliant at asking the difficult, awkward but absolutely necessary questions. Such situations surely have to be about asking the questions you need answers too irrespective of whether or not you get the answer that you would like #Conviction2

What a wonderful opportunity #conviction2 #murderinsuburbia gave for the public to see the exceptional and through work that @insidejusticeUK do. Their work is truly exceptional! They acknowledge that not all investigations result in the individual being found innocent

Louise Shorter is brilliant. Love seeing awesome women leading the way in forensics/criminal investigation #conviction2 #murderinsuburbia

Outstanding programme, fascinating work, and brilliantly presented. Thorough and thoughtful investigation. Great incisive questioning

Louise Shorter once more not shy of asking difficult & awkward questions. Really important to those investigating Miscarriages of Justice. Sometimes you need to ask questions that might not give you the answer that you would like.

What a truly compelling programme. You just cannot take your eyes off the screen - more please and soon

Once again Conviction has proved to be a masterful piece of television. A compelling case expertly investigated by Louise Shorter. Definitely a must watch! #MurderInSuburbia

It’s been a joy to see the the work of @insidejusticeUK on #BBC2 this week. Louise Shorter and her team are a cracking example of brilliant women leading the way and making a difference. #conviction2

We Need Your Help

Our work is only possible through charitable donations and the generous support of the public. We do the work we do because we believe everybody deserves justice. We care because a wrongful conviction destroys lives and trust. A wrongful conviction leaves dangerous people at large to create more victims. We have built an Advisory Panel of experts who give their time for free because they care. Help us, help others in need.

CCRC in the dock

CCRC in the dock(Posted on 16/07/19)

The first session of the Westminster Commission on Miscarriages of Justice began yesterday with the Commission for Criminal Cases Review (CCRC) up first before the panel. Chaired by former Solicitor General Lord Garnier QC and Baroness Stern, and including former chief inspector of prisons Dame Anne Owers, Michelle Nelson QC and editor-in-chief of prison journal Inside Time Erwin James, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Miscarriages... Read more...

Inside Justice welcomes Ambassadors

To overturn a wrongful conviction takes a huge amount of time and a huge amount of collaboration. At Inside Justice we welcome Ambassadors. If you believe your or your company can help us with our work or fundraising please get in touch.

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Inside Justice took up our son’s Miscarriage of Justice case and have worked tirelessly to get the case to appeal.

We would have been lost without the time, effort and support of their team. We really cannot thank them enough.

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