Investigating Alleged Miscarriages of Justice

Since we were founded in 2010 Inside Justice has always punched above its weight delivering casework investigations, providing free access to experts and highlighting individual and systemic failings. Our casework empowers individuals convicted of a crime they say they did not commit but our vision is to deliver justice by working with statutory partners to achieve a fair and transparent criminal justice system for all.

Twitter feedback on BBC Conviction Series

Louise Shorter once more not shy of asking difficult & awkward questions. Really important to those investigating Miscarriages of Justice. Sometimes you need to ask questions that might not give you the answer that you would like.

What a truly compelling programme. You just cannot take your eyes off the screen - more please and soon

Once again Conviction has proved to be a masterful piece of television. A compelling case expertly investigated by Louise Shorter. Definitely a must watch! #MurderInSuburbia

It’s been a joy to see the the work of @insidejusticeUK on #BBC2 this week. Louise Shorter and her team are a cracking example of brilliant women leading the way and making a difference. #conviction2

Why We Need Your Help

Our work is only possible through charitable donations and the generous support of the public. We do the work we do because we believe everybody deserves justice. We care because a wrongful conviction destroys lives and trust. A wrongful conviction leaves dangerous people at large to create more victims.

We have built an Advisory Panel of experts who give their time for free because they care. Help us, help others in need.

Crime Up, Prosecutions Down

Crime Up, Prosecutions Down(Posted on 04/09/19)

Ministry of Justice figures show the number of people being prosecuted or handed out-of-court warnings or fines has fallen to its lowest level since records began, whilst recorded crime continues to rise. Between April 2018 and March 2019, 1.59 million people were formally dealt with by the criminal justice system in England and Wales, representing a 2% fall of  on the previous period. The number of serious crimes dealt with... Read more...

Silence in Court

Silence in Court(Posted on 21/08/19)

Figures revealed this week by criminal barrister Jonathan Dunne show half of all crown court rooms are laying idle. “Across 34 crown court centres, there are 127 court rooms out of 260 doing absolutely nothing," Mr Dunne told the Sun. “Imagine if that were operating theatres! There are thousands of cases backed up, re-listed and delayed. Action has got to start matching the spin.” Richard Atkins QC, chairman... Read more...

Downward trend in number of miscarriage of justice cases being referred continues for third year

Downward trend in number of miscarriage of justice cases being referred continues for third yearBy Jon Robins on 29/07/19

The miscarriage of justice watchdog referred just 13 cases back to the Court of Appeal last year, representing the second lowest number of referrals in its 22 year history. Over the first two decades the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) sent 33 cases a year on average back to the Appeal judges however the number referrals collapsed with just a dozen in 2017 and still has not recovered. Read more...

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