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Access to Help

Inside Justice is a very small charity which is inundated with requests for help.

You may apply to Inside Justice to consider your case if you were convicted in a Crown Court in England and Wales and you know absolutely you are innocent.

Helpful Advice

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Procedure to access help

All applicants must complete and sign our application form.

Please read the application letter, application criteria test and information sheet before starting this application

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Next steps

We do not want all case papers sent to us in the first instance, but you should send a COPY of the Trial Judge’s Summing Up and/or any official papers relating to an appeal or CCRC decision, along with your completed application form.

Please read the helpful advice form for more information.

If you have difficulty completing the form please contact us for help.

Inside Justice aims to provide a helpful and quality service to all who contact us even if we cannot take your case forward. If you have a complaint about our service please see the policy and procedure.

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