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Dr Waney Squier struck off Medical Register

By Louise Shorter on 03/05/16

In the aftermath of the Tribunal’s unexpected decision to ban Dr Squier immediately from practising medicine and so silencing her as an expert witness, a number of high profile medical and legal voices spoke out in protest.  

Now, senior barrister Michael Birnbaum QC has written a robust, critical forensic analysis of the judgment that brought to an end this internationally distinguished career.  

Inside Justice knows Dr Squier well having instructed her on one of our cases. The founder of this unit, Louise Shorter, was called to give evidence for Dr Squier and was described by the tribunal panel as a “credible” witness in her description of Dr Squier’s honesty and integrity.

Four out of the five expert witnesses called by Dr Squier’s defence fared much less well. The Tribunal brusquely dismissed their testimony as lacking in credibility and/or, showing bias, but without any examples or proper reasoning. The fifth defence expert, Dr Jennian Geddes, argues that the reputations of the other four have been left in tatters and urges the Chair of the Tribunal Service to confirm that the judgment against Dr Squier should not be taken as diminishing their reputations for integrity or expertise.


PDF icon Dr Jennian Geddes letter "Open letter to National Chair, MPTS"

PDF icon Response to Dr Geddes from Chair of the Tribunal Service

PDF icon Dr Jennian Geddes response to National Chair, MPTS

PDF icon Michael Birnbaum QC forensic analysis "A tissue of error, illogicality and apparent bias..."

PDF icon The judgment from the tribunal "MPTS Determination of Facts"