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Inside Justice launches crowdjustice campaign

(Posted on 23/09/21)

Inside Justice launches crowdjustice campaign

Inside Justice, the charity dedicated to investigating and tackling miscarriages of justice, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign.

There are innocent people in our prisons who without Inside Justice would be bereft of support. Their existence and plight are not well known; the charity Inside Justice is their only champion.

Your support can make all the difference – from the moment of desperation when a person first contacts Inside Justice and needs a caseworker to assess their case, right through to overturning an unsafe conviction which sees the innocent prisoner freed, and possibly even leads to the real criminal being brought to justice.

Please donate £33 now and give new hope to a prisoner who may have been wrongly convicted

If you can donate or fundraise please visit our crowdjustice campaign page and click 'pledge now'. 

Thank you for giving hope to an innocent person in prison

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