Historic cases

We have compiled a library of historic miscarriage of justice cases. These are not cases that have been investigated by Inside Justice as a unit, although different members of our Advisory Panel have often been instrumental in righting past wrongs listed here.

We have compiled this list from public records. We have tried to include every case widely considered to be a miscarriage of justice but if we have missed any, we would like to know. We hope this record serves as a reminder for why it is so important that prisoners who say they are innocent are listened to.

Anthony Poole

Anthony PooleServed 14 years

Convicted, with Gary Mills, of the murder of a fellow petty criminal in the course of a fight. The victim was not killed in the fight; he was taken to hospital, treated for 'superficial wounds' and then discharged, whereupon he was arrested and held in the cells. He was tended to in hospital again but released, only to die in police cells 15 hours after the fight.
Convictions quashed 2003.

Billy Power

Billy Power

Served 16 years                                                                                                 

One of the Birmingham Six convicted of the IRA bombing of the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town pubs in 1974 and the murder of 21 people. Campaign chaired by Paul May from 1985. Convictions quashed 1991. New scientific tests showed statements were altered at a later date, original forensic test results were discredited

Engin Raghip

Served 6 years

Convicted together with Winston Silcott and Mark Braithwaite for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock at the Broadwater Farm riots in North London in 1985.
Convictions quashed 1991 after forensic tests on pages of key interview records suggested they had been fabricated.

James Reith

Served 2 years

A drama student jailed for five years in 1998 for the "Last Tango in Paris" rape of a young actress.
Freed after appeal judges were told that a key witness had not been available for cross-examination at the trial.

Gary Reynolds


Quashed 2002

Darrell Richards


Quashed 2002.

Carole Richardson

Carole  Richardson

Served 15 years

One of the Guildford Four jailed for the IRA bombing of the Horse & Groom pub in 1974. Convictions overturned in 1989. Apology from Tony Blair 2005. Died 2013.

John Roberts

Served 15 years

Convicted in 1983 of the murder of a farmer, Daniel Sands, solely on his confession.
Quashed in 1998 after new psychiatric evidence showed that he was then in a vulnerable mental condition and tended to be compliant with people in authority.

Jim Robinson

Jim RobinsonServed 18 years

One of the Bridgewater Four convicted of the 1978 murder of 13-year-old paperboy Carl Bridgewater in Stourbridge, on a forged confession.
Campaign chaired by Paul May 1993-6.
Conviction quashed 1998, Henry Blaxland

Thomas Rooney

Thomas Rooney

Served 3 years. (Scotland)

Found guilty of the culpable homicide of James Higgins in Glasgow, 2004.
Conviction quashed 2007: “the verdict must be regarded as one which no reasonable jury, properly directed, could have returned".

Raphael Rowe

Raphael Rowe

Served 11 years

One of the M25 Three (with Michael Davis and Randolph Johnson) jailed for the 1988 murder of hairdresser Peter Hurburgh and robbery.
Freed in 2000, Henry Blaxland junior counsel.

Phillip Rowland

Served 8 years


Quashed 2003

Gurbinder Singh Samra

Served 10 years

Jailed for life in 1995 for the murder of his wife Kulvinder Kaur. Samra plunged a ceremonial sword into her naked body after chasing her down a Black Country street.
Conviction quashed 2004 and a retrial ordered after medical reports indicated he may have been suffering from an "explosive personality disorder".
Convicted a third time in 2005.

Gary Shaffi

Served 1 year

With Michael Beadle, David Noble and Craig Lane, convicted of the murder of Frederick Barnett in 1997.
Acquitted in 1998.

Hasham Shah

Served 18 months

A Manchester taxi driver jailed for a gay sex attack at knifepoint. His unnamed accuser eventually admitted to the police that he had made up the story and was jailed for 15 months for perverting the course of justice.
Conviction quashed 2001.

Cornelius and Olbie Shaw

Served 8 years

Rape and indecent assault of a 14-year-old girl in 1988.
Convictions quashed 2001

Ellis Sherwood

Ellis SherwoodServed 11 years  (Cardiff Newsagent Three)

Convicted, together with Michael O’Brien and Darren Hall, of the murder and robbery of Cardiff newsagent, Philip Saunders in 1988.
Convictions quashed 1999.

Michael Shirley

Michael ShirleyServed 16 years

Former sailor found guilty of killing Portsmouth barmaid Linda Cook, raped and murdered as she walked home from a friend's house in December 1986.
Conviction quashed 2003 after judges were told by Michael Mansfield, QC, that DNA found at the crime scene could not have been Shirley's.

Winston Silcott

Winston SilcottServed 6 years

Convicted together with Mark Braithwaite and Engin Raghip for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock at the Broadwater Farm riots in North London in 1985.
Convictions quashed 1991 after forensic tests on pages of key interview records suggested they had

Tarlochan Singh Gill

Served 10 years

Convicted aged 18 with three other youths of the murder of Wati Suri, a woman in her sixties who was beaten and strangled during a burglary in 1984. In 1985, the convictions of the other three were quashed because of lack of evidence; Gill's was upheld because his confession referred specifically to committing the murder. This had been beaten out of him by officers of West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.
Conviction quashed 1994.