Historic cases

We have compiled a library of historic miscarriage of justice cases. These are not cases that have been investigated by Inside Justice as a unit, although different members of our Advisory Panel have often been instrumental in righting past wrongs listed here.

We have compiled this list from public records. We have tried to include every case widely considered to be a miscarriage of justice but if we have missed any, we would like to know. We hope this record serves as a reminder for why it is so important that prisoners who say they are innocent are listened to.

Prem Sivalingham

Served 6 years

One of the East Ham Two, the other being Sam Kulasingham: two Tamil men wrongly convicted of a firebombing in which three Tamil people were murdered.
Convictions quashed 1994 after a campaign led by Paul May, based on “wholesale breaches” of PACE, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. The men were beaten and intimidated because of their refugee status.

Andrew Smith

Served 22 years (Scotland)

Jailed in 1977 for the murder of Richard Cunningham in a bar in Larkhall, Lanarkshire. Released by the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh in 1999.

Charlie (Vincent Richard) Smith

Jailed in 1977 for stabbing Nicholas Feodorous to death. Subsequently killed his cell-mate; convicted of manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility

Original murder conviction quashed 2002 in favour of manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility.

Josephine Smith

Josephine SmithServed 9 years

Kings Lynn woman jailed for life for shooting her violent and abusive husband Brian dead while he slept.
Murder conviction quashed 2002 and substituted with a verdict of manslaughter.

Margaret Smith

Served 2 years

Patrick Smith

Framed together with Seymour Williams by West Midland Serious Crime Squad on robbery charges

Convictions quashed in 1994

Sean Smyth

Sean SmythServed 12 years

One of the Maguire Seven (Annie, Patrick, Patrick Jr and Vincent Maguire, Guiseppe Conlon, Patrick O’Neill and Sean Smyth) jailed for possession of explosives for the IRA Guildford bombings in 1974. Convictions quashed 1991 thanks to Alastair Logan.

Dean Solomon

Served 14 years

Convicted of rape and indecent assault of two teenage girls after pornographic film footage was found.
Rape convictions quashed 2007. Judges said Solomon should have received no more than a two-year sentence for consensual indecent assault.

Anthony Steel

Anthony SteelServed 20 years

A gardener given a life sentence for the 1977 murder of Carol Wilkinson in Bradford.
The subject of a BBC Rough Justice investigation, Steel’s conviction was quashed in 2003 after evidence that he had broken down under questioning far too harsh for a vulnerable man with learning difficulties.

Joe Steele

Joe SteeleServed 20 years (Scotland)

Convicted in 1984, along with Thomas Campbell, of the murder of 6 members of the Doyle family by Strathclyde Police. The conviction came on the back of an alleged ‘verbals’ statement given by Campbell and Steele admitting the crime, fabricated by Police officers, and the false testament of William Love.
Conviction quashed 2004.

Denise Sullivan

 Served 3 years

One of the Gurnos Three, cleared of offences connected with the fire but convicted of perverting the course of justice. She was jailed for four years, reduced on appeal to three and a half, before the other two women had their convictions quashed.

Ali Tahery

Served 7 years

A London-based Iranian, Tahery was jailed for ten years in 2005 for wounding with intent after he stabbed a man three times during a gang fight. The prosecution centred on the evidence of the only witness to have seen him but he refused to attend court in person out of fear.
Conviction quashed 2012


Anthony Taylor

Served 5 years

Sentenced, with Michael Brown and Kevin Martin, to 10 years for armed robbery of raiding a north London jeweller's shop. Convictions quashed 2000 after allegations that corrupt Scotland Yard detectives

Lisa and Michelle Taylor

Lisa and Michelle  TaylorServed 1 year

Two sisters jailed for for the murder in 1991 of Alison Shaughnessy, a bank clerk and the bride of Michelle's former lover.
Convictions quashed in 1993. Lord Justice McCowan ruled that sensational and innacurate reporting by the media could have prejudiced a fair trial.

Sara Thornton

Sara ThorntonServed 7 years

Convicted of murdering her abusive, alcoholic husband, Malcolm.  She stabbed him as he lay drunk on the sofa at home in Atherstone, Warwickshire, in 1989.
Conviction quashed in 1996 and substituted at retrial with manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility.

Donna Tinker

Served 2 years

Convicted of murdering her violent husband, Richard. When threatened with a hot iron to her face, Donna stabbed Richard and he died. She didn’t mention the violence at trial.
In 2002 the Court of Appeal quashed Donna’s murder conviction and substituted manslaughter and seven years in prison. She was released in 2003

Derek Treadaway

Derek Treadaway

Served 9 years

Convicted of robbery and conspiracy to rob. His confession was extracted by oppression and violence inflicted by five officers of the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.
Cleared on appeal 1996.

Keith Twitchell

Keith TwitchellServed 12 years

Convicted of the manslaughter of George Smith in 1982 and sentenced to 20 years. Tortured into confession by the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad: "The bastard signs or he goes out feet first". Appeal refused 1983. Released from prison 1993 but convictions for manslaughter and robbery stood until overturned 1999.

John Walker

John WalkerServed 16 years

One of the Birmingham Six convicted of the IRA bombing of the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town pubs in 1974 and the murder of 21 people.
Campaign chaired by Paul May from 1985.
Convictions quashed 1991