Historic cases

We have compiled a library of historic miscarriage of justice cases. These are not cases that have been investigated by Inside Justice as a unit, although different members of our Advisory Panel have often been instrumental in righting past wrongs listed here.

We have compiled this list from public records. We have tried to include every case widely considered to be a miscarriage of justice but if we have missed any, we would like to know. We hope this record serves as a reminder for why it is so important that prisoners who say they are innocent are listened to.

Levi Walker

Levi WalkerLevi Walker, Adam Joof, Antonio Christie, Michael Osbourne and Owen Crooks.

Served 4 years
Convicted of the murder of footballer Kevin Nunes in Pattingham, Staffordshire, 2002.
Convictions quashed 2012 following an investigation by the CCRC into disclosure issues in the case.

Colin Wallace

Served 6 years

Jailed in 1981 for the manslaughter of a friend, Brighton antiques dealer Jonathan Lewis, found drowned and battered in the River Arun.
Conviction quashed 1996, Henry Blaxland junior counsel.

Christopher Walters

Served 7 years

Quashed 2002.

Judith Ward

Judith WardServed 18 years

Convicted in 1974 at the age of 25 for bombing a coach on the M62 motorway.
Conviction quashed 1992 thanks to Michael Farrell (Dublin-based journalist and lawyer) and Gareth Peirce and after a campaign chaired by Paul May.

Leslie Warren

Rape. Falsely accused.
Quashed 2005 thanks to solicitor Chris Saltrese.

Billy Waugh

Served 2 years

Convicted together with Ashley King of the 1985 killing of Margaret Greenwood, bludgeoned to death at her home in Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, in what was known as the "penny for the guy" murder. Billy was 11.
Conviction quashed 1987.

Anthony Wellington

Constantine Wellington

Barri White

Barri White

Served 6 years

Convicted in 2000 of the murder of his girlfriend Rachel Manning in Milton Keynes.
Barri and his friend Keith Hyatt’s convictions quashed after Louise Shorter’s BBC Rough Justice documentary questioned the forensic evidence used to convict them.

Cleared after a re-trial in 2008. Shahidul Ahmed convicted of Rachel’s murder in 2013 on DNA evidence.

Trevor Wickens

Trevor WickensServed 13 years

Wickens, of Herne Bay, Kent, was jailed in 1991 for the 1986 murder of 89-year-old Mabel Crandell.
Conviction quashed 2003, the appeal hearing told that someone else had confessed to the killing, not mentioned in 1991.

Kevin Wilcox

Served 7 years

Framed with Les Horobin by West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.
Conviction for armed robbery quashed in 1993.

Lawrence Wilcox

Seymour Williams

Framed together with Patrick Smith by West Midland Serious Crime Squad on robbery charges.

Convictions quashed in 1994. 

Basil Williams-Rigby

Basil Williams-Rigby

Served 3 years

Former policeman and one of two Merseyside care home workers imprisoned for serious sexual offences against boys in their care, the other being Michael Lawson.
The convictions led to the formation of Fact (False Allegations against Carers and Teachers).

Quashed 2003.

Leopold Willis

Served 11 years

Jailed for the shooting of Wisbech security camera repair man Leyland Hoppie in 1995.
Conviction quashed 2006 after a Metropolitan Police inquiry into corruption at the Rigg Approach Flying Squad.

John Wilson

Served 10 years

Convicted of armed robbery in 1983 with Christopher Hagans following evidence from former Thursday Gang member turned supergrass Richard Mackay and investigations by the discredited West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.

Convictions quashed 2003.

John Woodruff

Served 2 years

Jailed, with William Hickson, for armed robbery of a post office in Manor Park, east London, in 1996.
The BBC's Nine O'Clock News found evidence, on a video tape, supporting their claim that a gun had been planted on them.
Convictions quashed 1999. Referred for retrial but a judge ruled that the case was "permeated by the stench of police corruption" and a new hearing would be unfair.

Jawid Yusuf


A pharmacist convicted of false accounting and falsifying prescriptions in 2004. Conviction quashed 2012.