Historic cases

We have compiled a library of historic miscarriage of justice cases. These are not cases that have been investigated by Inside Justice as a unit, although different members of our Advisory Panel have often been instrumental in righting past wrongs listed here.

We have compiled this list from public records. We have tried to include every case widely considered to be a miscarriage of justice but if we have missed any, we would like to know. We hope this record serves as a reminder for why it is so important that prisoners who say they are innocent are listened to.

Victor Boreman

Served 10 years.

Convicted together with Malcolm Byrne and Michael Byrne of the murder of a man in his first floor flat in Plumstead, south-east London, in 1996, after an argument.
Convictions quashed 2006. The pathologist Dr Heath's claims that the victim may have "drowned in his blood" and been unconscious after the assault, had been discredited by his peers.

Sheila Bowler

Sheila Bowler

Served 4 years.

Convicted of drowning her elderly aunt. The subject of a Trial and Error investigation, Sheila was cleared in 1998.

Mark Braithwaite

Mark Braithwaite

Murder. Served 6 years.

Convicted together with Winston Silcott and Engin Raghip for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock at the Broadwater Farm riots in North London in 1985. Convictions quashed 1991 after forensic tests on pages of key interview records suggested they had been fabricated.

John Brannan

Served 7 years.

Sentenced to life imprisonment, together with Bernard Murphy, for the murder of Michael Pollitt in a Manchester nightclub in 1991.

Committed suicide at Blundeston prison, Suffolk, in 1998.Convictions quashed 2002.

Mickey Bromell

Served 5 years.

Framed by West Midlands Serious Crime Squad. Conviction for wounding quashed in 1992.

Ian Brooke

Rape; buggery; indecent assault.

Quashed 2006.

Donald & Ronald Brown

John Lewis Brown

Kevin Brown


Quashed 2004

Michael Brown

Served 5 years.

Sentenced, with Anthony Taylor and Kevin Martin, to 10 years for armed robbery of raiding a north London jeweller's shop. Convictions quashed 2000 after allegations that corrupt Scotland Yard detectives planted crucial evidence.

Robert Brown

Robert Brown

Served 25 years.

Jailed for bludgeoning Annie Walsh to death in her flat in Hulme, Manchester in 1977. Freed in 2002 after evidence of police corruption, bullying and non-disclosure of vital evidence. Details of widespread corruption within this particular squad were known to the Home Office and Manchester police in 1983.

Eddie Browning

Eddie Browning

Served 6 years.

A former Welsh Guardsman jailed for the M50 murder of pregnant Marie Wilks in 1988. Conviction quashed 1994. 

Roy Burnett

Served 15 years.

A gardener from Bromley, Kent, jailed for life at the Old Bailey in 1986 after a jury accepted evidence from a 20-year-old student nurse that she had been raped and seriously assaulted. Freed on appeal in 2000.

Malcolm and Michael Byrne

10 years
Convicted together with Victor Boreman of the murder of a man in his first floor flat in Plumstead, south-east London, in 1996, after an argument.
Convictions quashed 2006

Hugh Callaghan

Hugh Callaghan

Served 16 years                                                                                                 

One of the Birmingham Six convicted of the IRA bombing of the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town pubs in 1974 and the murder of 21 people. Campaign chaired by Paul May from 1985. Convictions quashed 1991. New scientific tests showed statements were altered at a later date, original forensic test results were discredited

Kevin Callan

Kevin Callan

 4 years

Died aged 45 of liver failure 2003

Convicted of shaking to death Amanda Allman, a four-year-old child who suffered from cerebral palsy and spastic diplegia. Conviction overturned 1995 with the help of solicitor Campbell Malone and Michael Mansfield QC, Before he was released, Kevin’s sister Janice Davies helped to set up the organisation Innocent.

Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell20 years (Scotland)
Convicted in 1984, along with Joe Steele, of the murder of 6 members of the Doyle family by Strathclyde Police. The conviction came on the back of an alleged ‘verbals’ statement given by Campbell and Steele admitting the crime, fabricated by Police officers, and the false testament of William Love.
Briefly released in 1997 before an appeal hearing in 1998, but was once again imprisoned when it failed.
Conviction quashed 2004.

Trevor Campbell

Trevor Campbell

Served 14 years

Convicted of the murder of Ethel Cawood, an elderly widow. Freed by the Court of Appeal 1999. 

Angela Cannings

Angela Cannings

Served 2 years

Found guilty of smothering two of her babies: seven-week-old Jason in 1991 and 18-week-old Matthew in 1999; on the evidence of Sir Roy Meadow.
Conviction quashed 2004.

Toderai Chakwane

Toderai Chakwane

Served 3 years

A Zimbabwean jailed in 2009 for raping a woman in Belfast.
Conviction quashed 2012 after senior judges were told of an undisclosed alteration to his accuser's statement.