Historic cases

We have compiled a library of historic miscarriage of justice cases. These are not cases that have been investigated by Inside Justice as a unit, although different members of our Advisory Panel have often been instrumental in righting past wrongs listed here.

We have compiled this list from public records. We have tried to include every case widely considered to be a miscarriage of justice but if we have missed any, we would like to know. We hope this record serves as a reminder for why it is so important that prisoners who say they are innocent are listened to.

George Hinds

Sean Hodgson

Sean HodgsonServed 27 years

Jailed for the 1979 murder of Teresa De Simone in Southampton. Conviction quashed 2009 after advances in DNA testing showed he was innocent and another man, David Lace, who killed himself in 1988, was the likely killer. Died 2012.

Suzanne Holdsworth

Suzanne  HoldsworthServed 3 years

A babysitter jailed for life in 2005 for killing 2-year-old Kyle Fisher by repeatedly banging his head against a wooden banister at her home.
Conviction ruled unsafe 2008 (lead counsel Henry Blaxland QC, junior Peter Wilcock) after new medical evidence suggested Kyle may have died from an epileptic seizure.

Les Horobin

Served 6 years

Framed with Kevin Wilcox by West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.
Conviction for armed robbery quashed in 1993.

Emma Humphreys

Emma  Humphreys

Served 10 years

A homeless teenager convicted of the murder of Trevor Armitage, who had subjected her to extreme physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
Her murder conviction was quashed and a verdict of manslaughter substituted in 1994 on grounds of provocation. Died in 1998 from an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets, first prescribed to her in prison.                                     

Colleagues and friends from Justice for Women set up a memorial prize award in her memory

Gerry Hunter

Gerry Hunter

Served 16 years

One of the Birmingham Six convicted of the IRA bombing of the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town pubs in 1974 and the murder of 21 people.
Campaign chaired by Paul May from 1985.

Convictions quashed 1991.

Patrick Irvine

Served 16 years

Jailed for armed robbery in 1980. Security guard George Smith died after being shot at point-blank range with a sawn-off shotgun. Convicted on evidence obtained by the discredited West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.
Released on licence 1993.
Conviction quashed 2002.

Albert James

Served 18 years

Convicted in 1986 of the murder of fellow showman Charles Pelham in Berkshire. Refused access to a solicitor.
Conviction quashed 2004.

David Ryan James

Served 3 years

A vet jailed for life in 1995 for allegedly spiking his wife's orange juice with horse tranquiliser.
Conviction quashed following the discovery of a handwritten note, first detailed on the BBC's Rough Justice, suggesting his wife Sandra intended to kill herself. The note said: "Ryan, I leave you absolutely nothing but this note - if you find it in time. Sam." Sam was Mrs James' pet name.

Elvis Jeffers

Sion Jenkins

Sion JenkinsServed 6 years

Headmaster jailed for the brutal murder of his 13-year-old foster daughter, Billie-Jo, in 1998.
Freed on appeal pending a retrial in 2004. The jury in two subsequent retrials failed to reach a verdict and Jenkins was formally acquitted 2006. Ministry of Justice rejected compensation request, pointing out applicants must show they are ‘clearly innocent’.

Frank Johnson

Frank Johnson

Served 26 years

Convicted in 1976, with two others, of dousing Whitechapel shop-owner Jack Sheridan in petrol and setting him ablaze. Sheridan was his friend and employer, and exonerated Johnson before he died 3 weeks later. The other men, Jack Tierney and David Smart, were freed on parole.

Conviction quashed 2002 thanks to solicitor Gareth Peirce.

Randolph Johnson

Randolph JohnsonServed 11 years

One of the M25 Three (with Michael Davis and Raphael Rowe) jailed for the 1988 murder of hairdresser Peter Hurburgh and robbery.
Freed in 2000, Henry Blaxland junior counsel.

Steven Johnson

Steven JohnsonServed 10 years

Found guilty with Billy Allison of killing Drew Forsyth, 34, in Dunfermline in 1995. Freed on appeal 2006

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan  Jones

Served 3 years

Jailed for the 1993 murder of Harry and Megan Tooze at their smallholding in Llanharry, outside Cardiff.
Cheryl Tooze, the daughter who later married Mr Jones, mounted a campaign to prove his innocence.
Conviction quashed 2001.

Adam Joof

Adam Joof

Served 4 years

Convicted of the murder of footballer Kevin Nunes in Pattingham, Staffordshire, 2002.
Convictions quashed 2012 following an investigation by the CCRC into disclosure issues in the case.

John Kamara

John Kamara

Served 20 years

Alleged to have been one of two men who murdered stammering bookmaker John Suffield in 1981 during a robbery because he could not tell them the combination of the safe. Conviction quashed in 2000 after the judges were told 201 statements had been "hidden" by police.

Jamal Karimi

Convicted of the murder in 1997 of his wife’s lover, Servan Kabadi.
Conviction quashed 2006 on new grounds of possible provocation; referred for retrial.

Richard Karling

Served 6 years

Sentenced to life imprisonment for drugging and smothering his former lover, Dorothy Niven, in Busby, Lanarkshire, 1995.
In 2001 the conviction was overturned by the appeal judges who heard that a report revealing there was no trace of the drug Temazepam in Ms Niven's blood was not shown to the court. It went missing after being passed to Strathclyde Police.

Serena and Veydat Kayretli

Served 18 months

A couple jailed in 1998 for killing a Maldon kebab shop owner, Fezvi Demir, and entombing him in a block of concrete.
Cleared in 2000 after fears that the evidence of pathologist Dr Paula Lanas was unreliable. Dr Lanas had told the jury Mr Demir died from a stab wound but she failed to mention a skull fracture which suggested the possibility of a fatal blow to the head.