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The Case of B

The Case of B
Reporting restrictions from the time of the trial are in place on this case, and as such we are not at liberty to put full information about it into the public domain.

At this stage all we can say is that Inside Justice was contacted by the parents of a young man who is now serving a long sentence in a Category A prison for attempted murder of a minor.

We reviewed the trial papers and met with his parents. We presented the case at an Advisory Panel where it was agreed that it was a disturbing and perplexing case which deserved further investigations.

The further we looked, the more questions we had about whether the conviction was safe.   Solicitor Glyn Maddocks had taken the case on post-conviction on a pro bono basis, so concerned was he that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred.

Members of the Advisory Panel reviewed the scientific evidence and three new expert reports were commissioned by Inside Justice to test one specific aspect of the case.  We approached an eminent barrister, Michael Birnbaum QC, who agreed to work with us on the case, also on a pro bono basis.

Over the course of an 18 month investigation a member of our Advisory Panel met and liaised extensively with the original police team and the scientist who conducted the pre-trial scientific work.  Access to important documentation and files proved difficult but was finally been agreed by taking the case to the Crown Prosecution Service. 

Inside Justice has  commissioned new scientific work which has formed Grounds of Appeal drafted by our representative.  The case will be heard by the the three Court of Appeal Judges in 2014.