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The Case of Colin Norris

The Case of Colin Norris

The foreman of a jury which convicted a serial killer has told BBC News he now believes the man is innocent

Radio Leeds interview with campaigner Paul May,

March 14 2016: 


see:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-31021447

Inside Justice first became involved with this case when the highly experienced investigative journalist Bob Woffinden brought it to the attention of our Advisory Panel. We met with Colin’s mum June Morrison and agreed to take the case on.

This is a highly complex case. Colin worked as a nurse in two Leeds hospitals when a patient on a ward where he worked fell into a hypoglycaemic coma. Hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, is usually associated with diabetes but this patient was not diabetic.  As one of the nursing staff on duty that night Colin was questioned.  Full details of the subsequent case can be read in the booklet we have produced which is available on this website.

The work we have done at Inside Justice on this case has been extensive.  Below is a small sense of what our work has entailed to date.

• We gained access to and conducted a thorough review of the extensive material from the original police investigation

• We met with new experts instructed on the case in order to evaluate the veracity of new evidence found

• We took the case to BBC Scotland to discuss it with trusted investigative reporter Mark Daly who had previously reported on the BBC’s long-running TV series Rough Justice

• Over a three month period Louise Shorter from Inside Justice produced a 30 minute TV documentary with Mark Daly about Colin’s case calling for his case to be referred to the Court of Appeal.  The BBC film “Hospital Serial Killer: A Jury in the Dark” can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyG2A9p2DiA

• We instigated and contributed to a wealth of publicity about the case and the new evidence found

• Paul May from our Advisory Panel agreed to work with Inside Justice on Colin’s case and wrote a booklet presenting additional new evidence found. This booklet launch created a media storm and led to television, radio, print and online content interviews with members of Inside Justice.  http://www.colinnorris.com/media.html

• We found new academic papers to support the medical material presented in the submission to the CCRC

• We met with the CCRC in order to make representations on Colin’s behalf

• We are now researching the issues of insulin half-life, which back calculates how much insulin must have been administered for the disputed blood test to be correct. We have also been researching whether the patient was dehydrated and we are in the process of writing a new booklet about both these issues.

The CCRC is currently in the process of a Stage Two investigation.  They have instructed their own experts to review the new evidence submitted.  We hope they will soon refer the new evidence to the Court of Appeal.

You can read more about Colin’s case on a dedicated website we have set up http://www.colinnorris.com/

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