News Round-Up Week Ending 18.11.16

News Round-Up Week Ending 18.11.16(Posted on 17/11/16)

Gove: Release 500 IPP Prisoners. In the 2016 Longford lecture this week, former Justice Secretary Michael Gove urged his successor Liz Truss to use her power of “executive clemency” to release 500 post-tariff prisoners serving imprisonment for public protection (IPP). “It is an inconvenient truth – which I swerved to an extent while in office – that we send too many people to prison,” Gove said. “... Read more...

Muted Triumph for Shaken Baby Syndrome Sceptics

Muted Triumph for Shaken Baby Syndrome Sceptics(Posted on 03/11/16)

Dr Waney Squier has successfully appealed against a medical tribunal’s ruling that she had misled courts hearing cases of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ (SBS). Mr Justice Mitting cleared Dr Squier of dishonesty and said there were significant flaws in the tribunal's findings against her, but he maintained that her actions did amount to serious professional misconduct. The pathologist has been unable to give... Read more...

News Round-Up Week Ending 4.11.16

News Round-Up Week Ending 4.11.16(Posted on 01/11/16)

Joint Enterprise Challenge Fails. Judges have refused to overturn guilty verdicts in thirteen test cases following February’s Supreme Court ruling that the law had been wrongly interpreted for thirty years. The convictions of thirteen men, including Tyler Burton, Nicholas Terrelonge, Asher Johnson, Lewis Johnson and Reece Garwood, were all declared safe. Lord Thomas said the court was "satisfied that there... Read more...

Prosecution service pay damages to wrongfully convicted man after disclosure failure.

Prosecution service pay damages to wrongfully convicted man after disclosure failure.(Posted on 17/10/16)

[Posted on, October 11, 2016 by Carole McCartney] A man who spent six years in prison has successfully sued the England and Wales Crown Prosecution Service after their failure to disclose police surveillance tapes that proved his innocence. Wrongly convicted of perverting the course of justice in 2007 (after 2 failed trials), Conrad Jones was freed in 2014 when he won an appeal. He was on trial for bribing a witness... Read more...

‘Vague, incomplete and lacking in vision’: MPs on forensics strategy

‘Vague, incomplete and lacking in vision’: MPs on forensics strategyBy on 16/10/16

The government plan for the future of forensic science in England and Wales has been branded ‘vague, incomplete and lacking in vision’ by MPs. The Forensic Science Strategy, which was published in March this year after claims that standards in forensic science were slipping, lays out the intention of the Government to set up a new system to oversee how the criminal justice system deals with forensic samples from crime scenes, victims and suspects.

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News Round-Up Week Ending 7.10.16

News Round-Up Week Ending 7.10.16(Posted on 06/10/16)

Fake Sheikh Convicted: Undercover journalist Mazher Mahmood has been found guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice. The reporter was found to have altered evidence in the collapsed drugs trial of singer Tulisa Contostavlos, formerly with the band N-Dubz. The verdict throws new doubt on his tactics and evidence. Three cases based on his evidence have already been abandoned, another 25 have been referred to the Crown... Read more...