News Round-Up Week Ending 30.9.16

News Round-Up Week Ending 30.9.16(Posted on 30/09/16)

Vigilante Group Nets Paedophile: The Teesside Gazette reported this week on the trial of Mark Thornton. Thornton, 50, believed he was speaking to two 13-year-old girls via social media to arrange to meet up with them for sex. In fact, the girls did not exist, and he was really speaking to an “operative” from the Dark Justice group, which aims to catch online predators.  Arranging to meet ‘a girl’... Read more...

News Round-Up Week Ending 23.9.16

News Round-Up Week Ending 23.9.16(Posted on 23/09/16)

Alan Turing gay pardon law imminent. 1967: as the Beatles release All You Need is Love, homosexuality is decriminalized, finally ending the threat of prosecution for gay men. 2016: the government is to bring forward legislation to pardon men convicted under historical gross indecency laws. "At times you were fearful of being prosecuted... it was the case for many people that they retreated, never committing... Read more...

TELEVISION: The Perfect Medium for Miscarriages of Justice

TELEVISION: The Perfect Medium for Miscarriages of JusticeBy on 22/09/16

In this age of true crime reaching a mainstream audience through podcasts such as Making a Murderer, Serial and the UK’s own Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder, which topped the iTunes chart in June and now has over a million hits, and the plethora of ‘entertainment’ true crime documentaries across terrestrial, freeview and cable channels, there is surely some room for a permanent mainstream television slot focusing on miscarriages of justice and overturning dodgy convictions. Read more...

BBC Two series follows the work of criminal and forensic experts in Conviction: Murder at the Station

BBC Two series follows the work of criminal and forensic experts in Conviction: Murder at the StationBy on 16/09/16

Conviction: Murder at the Station is a new two-part series from James Newton, director of Bafta-nominated The Detectives.
It’s a compelling look into real life crime, through the eyes of Inside Justice.
It will air on BBC Two on Wednesday 21st September and Wednesday 28th September, at 9pm. Read more...

News Round-Up Week Ending 16.9.16

News Round-Up Week Ending 16.9.16(Posted on 16/09/16)

Vulnerable witnesses to be spared court Justice Secretary Elizabeth Truss has announced reforms to the justice system which will allow victims and witnesses to give evidence before a trial starts, with cross-examinations recorded in advance and then played in court. The move follows three pilot schemes in Liverpool, Leeds and Kingston-upon-Thames, mostly involving sex offence cases. Other reforms in the paper "Transforming Our Justice System... Read more...

News Round-Up Week Ending 22.7.16

News Round-Up Week Ending 22.7.16(Posted on 22/07/16)

CCRC rejects Eddie Gilfoyle appeal  The Wirral man’s conviction, for the 1992 murder of his pregnant wife Paula, will not be referred to the Court of Appeal, the Liverpool Echo reported this week. After more than five years’ deliberation, the Criminal Cases Review Commission refused to further pursue his claim that he did not make her death look like a hanging suicide in their garage in Upton. Gilfoyle spent... Read more...