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Article: Experts, who needs them?

(Posted on 21/07/22)

Article: Experts, who needs them?

Inside Justice has published an article for the British Academy of Forensic Sciences (BAFS) journal of Medicine, Science and the Law. 

The article, 'Experts, who needs them? Judicial inconsistency in instruction, admission and interpretation of forensic expertise' is available to download now.


Science is knowledge. Continuing study adds to that knowledge, hence science is in perpetual flux. The law courts too are in flux but change in legal opinion does not necessarily keep pace with that of scientific opinion and the appeal court's concern for finality may override the correction of injustice through progress in understanding. From its casework, the charity Inside Justice has identified failures in the instruction of experts pre-trial and inconsistencies in the admission and evaluation of expert evidence post-trial, illustrated here by half a dozen case studies.

The article was written by Louise Shorter, Rachelle Cobain and Geir Madland. 

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