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Brexit Threat to Justice

(Posted on 11/02/19)


Deputy assistant commissioner Richard Martin has warned that the loss of EU tools and databases will allow criminal suspects to abscond and make it harder to extradite foreign nationals.

Police officers will spend valuable time negotiating the red tape of outdated conventions rather than being on the streets, costing forces at least £20m extra a year.

“Criminals are entrepreneurs of crime and I’m sure they’re looking at their business model,” he said at the new International Crime Coordination Centre in London. “If there’s a gap to exploit, I’m sure they would.

“Because processes have been automated for such a long time, officers will be using EU systems without realising. Some forces need some assistance to get us into a place where they’re fully ready.

“If something takes two or three times as long, that will be another two or three hours you’re not on the streets.”

Fugitives from justice delay prosecutions, allowing the guilty to go free and potentially giving rise to miscarriage of justice and the wrongful conviction of others, as Inside Justice is only too aware.

Mr Martin's concerns echo those of the Institute for Government think tank reported here last September.