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Case Solved As Real Killer In Miscarriage of Justice Case is Convicted

(Posted on 18/02/14)

Case Solved – wrongful conviction of Barri White & Keith Hyatt, exposed by Rough Justice
On 4th September 2013, Shahidul Ahmed was convicted of the murder of Rachel Manning in 2000.Barri White and Keith Hyatt
This conviction marked the final chapter of the case which saw Rachel's boyfriend Barri White wrongly convicted of her murder and his friend Keith Hyatt wrongly convicted of perverting the course of justice.
Their convictions were quashed in 2007 following new evidence discovered by the BBC's Rough Justice TV programme produced by Louise Shorter, who now runs Inside Justice. The evidence which convicted Ahmed was unearthed following a cold-case review led by Inside Justice Advisory Panel member Tracy Alexander.
Ahmed's conviction led national news bulletins over subsequent days, resulting in TV, radio and print interviews of Louise Shorter, Rough Justice Reporter Mark Daly, Keith Hyatt and Barri White.