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Stand Against Injustice

(Posted on 19/02/19)


Barry George was wrongfully convicted of the 1999 murder of TV presenter Jill Dando and spent eight years in prison before his conviction was quashed. His sister Michelle Diskin Bates has written a memoir of the toll the case has taken on her family.

"The healing of damaged relationships is difficult to achieve after a miscarriage of justice. People have been hurt, words have been spoken that cannot be taken back. Trust will have broken down, and bitterness can become the driving force in many lives.

"Guilt, anger, fear, denial, pain, confusion and blame. These are all emotions I have either experienced or witnessed since Barry's release. Barry and I clashed many times - with me being the one to shout and scream at the poor guy for his unintentionally injurious effect on our family's life.

"I shouted, stormed and blazed. Barry looked on, confusion in his eyes, speaking words of apology to me. None of us had a magic wand to wave that would make all this disappear."

Like Sam Hallam and Victor Nealon, Barry George has been denied compensation for wrongful imprisonment. Michelle says the judges have in effect ruled that he “wasn’t innocent enough”.

Jill Dando’s killer has never been found.

Stand Against Injustice is available now (Malcolm Down, £9.99).