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Justice on trial 2019: Fixing our criminal justice system

(Posted on 17/06/19)


The Law Society published a report last week. The introduction is reproduced below.

Due to many years of underinvestment our criminal justice system is crumbling. Things are going wrong at every level – creating a nightmare journey for the accused, for victims and for those who work hard across the system.

This report shows how failures in the system are leading to injustice, negative impacts on people’s lives, and increasing pressure on the criminal justice system.

We’re calling on the government to address the problems by adopting our 11 policy recommendations on criminal justice, which include:

uprating the legal aid means test in line with inflation

abolishing ‘warned’, ‘block’ and ‘floating’ lists

increasing criminal legal aid fees

We have also called for a criminal legal aid task force bringing together the entire sector – solicitors, barristers, prosecutors and the judiciary – to help improve the system for all.

The full report can be downloaded from: