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Silence in Court

(Posted on 21/08/19)


Figures revealed this week by criminal barrister Jonathan Dunne show half of all crown court rooms are laying idle.

“Across 34 crown court centres, there are 127 court rooms out of 260 doing absolutely nothing," Mr Dunne told the Sun. “Imagine if that were operating theatres! There are thousands of cases backed up, re-listed and delayed. Action has got to start matching the spin.”

Richard Atkins QC, chairman of the Bar Council, called it a “devastating blow” to victims waiting for cases to get to court, adding: “Justice delayed is justice denied; courts should not be sitting idle,” and calling for extra funding to ensure suspects are put in court “without delay”.

The figures come a week after the Ministry of Justice disclosed that prosecutions are at their lowest since records began, despite an eight per cent rise in crimes recorded by police last year.