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Forensic Science Professor: Budget cuts "will lead to miscarriages of justice"

(Posted on 13/02/20)


"Forensics is an essential component of justice – and the state of the science and its industry in the UK is only getting worse," Professor Angela Gallup CBE writes today in the Guardian. "Budget cuts in England and Wales are already resulting in more cases reaching the courts without the prosecution’s forensic evidence having been checked by a competent, experienced scientist working for the defence. This will inevitably lead to serious miscarriages of justice, with innocent people being wrongly convicted and guilty suspects going free.

"During my 45-year career, there has been an extraordinary evolution in forensic science, which has given us the ability to solve almost any crime. What concerns me now is that, as a result of the mishandling and misinterpretation of forensic evidence by insufficiently experienced scientists working in an inappropriate environment, the provision of forensic services is on a path that will lead to more miscarriages of justice."