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More than half of all wrongful criminal convictions in the US are caused by government misconduct.

More than half of all wrongful criminal convictions in the US are caused by government misconduct.(Posted on 21/09/20)

Official misconduct is a major cause of convictions of innocent defendants, a new study has found. The National Registry of Exonerations found that in 1,296 of cases, 54%, misconduct by government officials contributed to the defendants’ wrongful convictions. More than a third of all exonerations included misconduct by police officers, nearly as many involved misconduct by prosecutors, about one in seven included misconduct by other government... Read more...

Inside Justice welcomes Dean Kingham to team

Inside Justice welcomes Dean Kingham to team(Posted on 21/09/20)

We are delighted to announce that Dean Kingham has joined the Inside Justice Advisory Panel.  Dean is a solicitor who qualified in 2011. He previously completed the Bar Vocational Course in 2005 and decided to cross qualify as a solicitor. He has worked on criminal appeals since 2005 and heads up the prison law, criminal and public law teams at Swain and Co Solicitor. Dean brings a huge amount of experience with him to the team as he is... Read more...

Innocent Florida man freed after 37 years in prison

Innocent Florida man freed after 37 years in prison(Posted on 16/09/20)

On Monday 14 September, Robert DuBoise was officially exonerated in Tampa, Florida for the crimes of murder and rape.  He was cleared of all charges after new DNA evidence taken from a rape kit which was thought to have been destroyed, revealed another person as the real assailant.  Mr DuBoise, who was supported by the miscarriage of justice organisation, The Innocence Project told reporters; "I have been waiting for... Read more...

Press Release: New survey hopes to uncover truth about evidence retention

Press Release: New survey hopes to uncover truth about evidence retention(Posted on 01/06/20)

Police officers and law enforcement personnel have been called to support a major new research project on evidence retention and storage practices.  Researchers based at Northumbria University have teamed up with Inside Justice, a charity dedicated to investigating miscarriages of justice, in launching a new survey which hopes to gather information about evidence or exhibit retention and storage practices during investigations including... Read more...

'Lady in the Lake' murder conviction upheld

(Posted on 04/05/20)

The Court of Appeal has upheld the conviction of Gordon Parks for the 1976 murder of  his wife Carol, whose body was found 21 years later in Coniston Water. Park was initially charged with murder in 1998, only for the case to be dropped. Then, with new evidence, he was convicted in 2005 and killed himself in prison in 2010 after a failed appeal. The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) considered evidence, undisclosed... Read more...

COVID-19 claims Liverpool man who fought to clear men wrongly convicted of the Cameo Cinema Murders

(Posted on 29/04/20)

The Liverpool Echo has reported the death from coronavirues of 88-year-old Lou Santangelli, who dedicated 14 years of his life to clearing the names of two men convicted of the 1949 crimes. Labourers George Kelly and Charles Connolly denied any involvement in the murders but were charged, initially tried together then separately in 1950. Kelly was hanged after being found guilty of murder, despite there being no forensic evidence, no... Read more...