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Inside Justice launches crowdjustice campaign

Inside Justice launches crowdjustice campaign(Posted on 23/09/21)

Inside Justice, the charity dedicated to investigating and tackling miscarriages of justice, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign. There are innocent people in our prisons who without Inside Justice would be bereft of support. Their existence and plight are not well known; the charity Inside Justice is their only champion. Your support can make all the difference – from the moment of desperation when a person first contacts Inside Justice... Read more...

7 men receive posthumous pardon

7 men receive posthumous pardon (Posted on 03/09/21)

A governor in Virginia, USA has granted posthumous pardons to seven men who were executed for the rape of a woman in 1951.  The men were Grayson, Frank Hairston Jr, Howard Lee Hairston, James Luther Hairston, Joe Henry Hampton, Booker Millner and John Clabon Taylor. Governor Ralph Northam told The Guardian: “These men were executed because they were Black, and that’s not right,” Northam said. “Their punishment did not fit the crime... Read more...

Inside Justice Joins CrimeCon UK

Inside Justice Joins CrimeCon UK (Posted on 19/08/21)

Inside Justice will be joining CrimeCon UK in London in September.  The two-day weekend event brings together documentary makers, experts, podcasters and law enforcement professionals to meet with true crime enthusiasts.  Our Founder and Investigator Louise Shorter and Head of Casework Damian Allain will be giving a presentation on the afternoon of Saturday 25 September.  They will be discussing the work of the charity and taking... Read more...

UK Government Prepares for Massive Payout to Post Masters

UK Government Prepares for Massive Payout to Post Masters(Posted on 27/07/21)

It has been estimated that the government could pay as much £233 million in compensation to those post masters and postmistresses wrongly convicted during the Horizon scandal.  Those who have had their convictions overturned have received interim compensation of up to £100,000 each.   As reported in The Justice Gap, the Post Office is now contacting postmasters  with the aim of making an offer within 28 days of... Read more...

‘It’s Scary’ Thousands of Criminal Cases Collapsing Due to Missing and Lost Evidence

‘It’s Scary’ Thousands of Criminal Cases Collapsing Due to Missing and Lost Evidence(Posted on 26/07/21)

Thousands of criminal court cases are collapsing in England and Wales every year due to missing and lost evidence – raising concerns about the potential for serious miscarriages of justice.  As reported in Byline Times a total of 11,736 cases collapsed due to key evidence being missing between the start of October 2018 and the end of June 2020, according to data acquired through a Freedom of Information request. Of these, 21 were... Read more...

No compensation given to miscarriage of justice victims in 12 months

No compensation given to miscarriage of justice victims in 12 months(Posted on 16/07/21)

According to a Freedom of Information request by the Justice Gap  to the Ministry of Justice revealed that no compensation has been given to miscarriage of justice victims over the last 12 months.  This is the third year since the Coalition government restricted payouts with the introduction of its Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 that no money has been paid out under what is known as the section 133. To read the... Read more...

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