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Helen's Law could keep the wrongfully convicted in jail

Helen's Law could keep the wrongfully convicted in jail(Posted on 11/07/19)

Justice Secretary David Gauke has confirmed that Helen’s Law will be adopted in England and Wales, following a 4-year campaign named after Helen McCourt (pictured), murdered in 1988.Has he thought it through? Read more...

Let them have it!

Let them have it!(Posted on 24/06/19)

A review of the retention and storage of, and access to, material post conviction in England and Wales.This is the abstract of an Inside Justice article to be published in 'Medicine, Science & the Law', the journal of the British Academy of Forensic Sciences. Read more...

Commission refers the joint enterprise murder conviction of Andre Johnson-Haynes to the Court of Appeal

(Posted on 18/06/19)

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has referred the joint enterprise murder conviction of Andre Johnson-Haynes to the Court of Appeal. Mr Johnson-Haynes was one of seven defendants tried on the basis of joint enterprise for the murder of Shakilus Townsend in London in July 2008. All defendants pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court in April 2009, but the jury returned guilty verdicts against all seven. Mr... Read more...

Justice on trial 2019: Fixing our criminal justice system

(Posted on 17/06/19)

The Law Society published a report last week. The introduction is reproduced below. Due to many years of underinvestment our criminal justice system is crumbling. Things are going wrong at every level – creating a nightmare journey for the accused, for victims and for those who work hard across the system. This report shows how failures in the system are leading to injustice, negative impacts on people’s lives, and increasing pressure... Read more...

Rape Case ‘Policy Change’ Challenge

(Posted on 12/06/19)

A legal challenge, funded through the CrowdJustice website, is to be brought against the Crown Prosecution Service after it has allegedly “covertly changed its policy and practice in relation to decision-making on rape cases”, leading to a dramatic collapse in the number of rape cases going to court. While the number of reported rapes nearly tripled between 2014 and 2018, the number of cases charged and sent to court fell by 44%,... Read more...

Iceman loses appeal against whole life sentence

(Posted on 06/06/19)

Mark Fellows, nicknamed The Iceman, has lost an appeal of excessive sentence. Convicted of the murders of Salford mobster Paul Massey in 2015 and Liverpool mob enforcer John Kinsella in 2018, Fellows was told by Mr Justice William Davies in January at Liverpool Crown Court that he would never be released.  This week, Nick Johnson QC argued before the Court of Appeal, sitting at Manchester Crown Court, that Fellows’... Read more...

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