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New search for Suzy Lamplugh's body

(Posted on 02/11/18)

Police extended their search this week in connection with the murder of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh. Teams including specialist firm Alecto Forensics, which assisted the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disapperance, began digging up the garden and garage floor of a house in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, the former home of the mother of prime suspect, John Cannan. Officially declared dead in 1994, Ms Lamplugh... Read more...

Famous faces receive honorary degrees from Winchester University

Famous faces receive honorary degrees from Winchester University(Posted on 30/10/18)

AMONGST the thousands of University of Winchester graduates last week, 14 individuals were given honorary awards, either achieved an honorary doctorate or an honorary fellowship. Read more...

Self-harm in prisons hits record level

(Posted on 26/10/18)

The Ministry of Justice has released statistics of prison incidents of assault and self-harm in the year to June. Of 9,485 assaults on staff (up 27% from 2016/17), 947 were classified as serious (up 19%); prisoner-on-prisoner assaults reached a record high of 23,448 recorded (3,063 serious); and self-harm incidents rose 20% to 49,565. Self-harm in prisoners is a recognised risk factor for suicide, and is more common in female... Read more...

Balmy DNA catches car thief

(Posted on 23/10/18)

Sheridan Fayomi stole cars. He was caught after his DNA was found on a lip balm he left in one of them. Fayomi stole a Mercedes worth £20,000 and another worth £32,000 in St Neots, Cambridgeshire on May 31st last year. Then on June 14th, he stole a £45,000 Audi S3. Five days later, the Audi was found abandoned in Barnet, north London, and a stick of lip balm discovered and tested for DNA. Last week at Harrow Crown... Read more...

Data gathering ‘unlawful’ under GDPR

(Posted on 19/10/18)

In a letter to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), London’s victims’ commissioner Claire Waxman of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime has voiced her concern that rape victims may be discouraged from coming forward thanks to intrusive gathering of social media data by police. For their claims to be pursued, victims must sign their consent to allow Prosecution and Defence lawyers access to highly... Read more...

Police Officer convicted of 1978 rape

(Posted on 15/10/18)

Forty years ago, a woman in Leeds couldn’t afford to pay a fine. West Yorkshire Police Warrant Officer David Lomax told her she’d go to jail and her young daughter could be taken away unless she agreed to sex with him. He then raped her in her bedroom. Although the woman reported the incident, she was told Lomax couldn’t be charged for lack of evidence. Last week, Lomax, now 83, was convicted of rape and misconduct... Read more...