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The Green Mile?

(Posted on 27/09/18)

Valentino Dixon draws golf courses, hundreds of them, taking inspiration from Golf Digest magazine borrowed from a fellow inmate.  “Something about the grass and sky was rejuvenating,” Dixon writes. “It seemed peaceful. I imagine playing it would be a lot like fishing.” Over the years, his artwork came to the attention of an editor at the magazine, who wrote about Dixon and his case, noticing how flimsy the evidence... Read more...

Dead Dog Returns

(Posted on 21/09/18)

Joshua Horner was convicted of child sex abuse last April in the US state of Oregon and sentenced to 50 years in custody. His accuser alleged Horner had shot and killed her dog as a warning not to go to the police. However, Lucy the Labrador was found alive and well in another town after apparently being given away. “She was drinking a bowl of water and sitting in shade underneath a porch,” said Lisa Christon, a volunteer with the... Read more...

Experts: Who needs them?

Experts: Who needs them?(Posted on 14/09/18)

People in this country have had enough of experts. So declared the ever helpful Michael Gove back in 2016, though he may well have changed his mind since then. He might well reconsider should he ever find himself in front of a Crown Court jury. Read more...

No deal on Brexit will hamper justice

No deal on Brexit will hamper justice(Posted on 11/09/18)

Failure to reach a deal over law enforcement cooperation after Brexit could hamper crime agencies in bringing criminals to justice, Read more...

Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies(Posted on 09/07/18)

Murder in suburbia – drama at conclusion of gripping two-part Inside Justice television programme. Read more...

Bob Woffinden: A Tribute

Bob Woffinden: A Tribute(Posted on 14/05/18)

There are some people who make an impact in life and change the lives of others for the better. Bob Woffinden was one of those people, and his sad death on 1st May 2018, after being ill for some time, is a huge loss in the fight against British injustice, to the many victims of the criminal justice system he helped, by raising awareness to their causes, and in some cases securing freedoms and changing the law, and current and future victims who have... Read more...