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news round-up 22.12.17

(Posted on 19/12/17)

Miscarriages of Justice and Destroyed Evidence - Are Austerity Cuts Killing Forensic Science? The closure of the Forensic Science Service and budget cuts have significantly  affected standards of forensic science and impacted on justice, according to a TV report with contributions from Inside Justice Advisory Panel members Tracy Alexander and Professor Denise Syndercombe-Court. See link below.... Read more...

Anger at miscarriage of justice watchdog as latest challenge to Eddie Gilfoyle conviction fails

Anger at miscarriage of justice watchdog as latest challenge to Eddie Gilfoyle conviction fails(Posted on 28/11/17)

Eddie Gilfoyle’s lawyers have declared that there is ‘no hope’ of overturning his conviction and delivered a blistering attack on the miscarriage of justice watchdog, the CCRC.This article first appeared on and is reproduced here with kind permission. Read more...

news round-up 24.11.17

(Posted on 25/11/17)

Convicted wife killer Eddie Gilfoyle loses legal action.   From the Liverpool Share section of BBC News.   A man who spent 18 years in jail for the murder of his heavily pregnant wife has lost his attempt to overturn his conviction. Eddie Gilfoyle, who is now in his 50s, was found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court in 1993 of killing his wife Paula and faking her suicide. He has always protested his innocence and wanted... Read more...

news round-up 29.9.17

(Posted on 30/09/17)

Secret Murder Trial Conviction Upheld:  Wang Yam has lost his appeal against conviction for the savage 2006 murder of elderly Hampstead resident Alan Chappelow. In his last judgment before retiring, lord chief justice Lord Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice Sweeney and Mrs Justice May, said there was no basis to believe “new evidence would or might reasonably have affected the jury’s decision in the case”.... Read more...

Forensic Science: What are we missing?

Forensic Science: What are we missing?(Posted on 28/09/17)

The University of Kent's Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science considers the current issue of forensic science regualation as being more a problem of what isn't submitted in criminal investigations than of what is. Read more...

news round-up 15.9.17

(Posted on 15/09/17)

Parole for IPP prisoner ten years over tariff: James Ward is to be released from prison after serving eleven years for a ten-month sentence under Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP), the Parole Board has said. The 33-year-old was sentenced after setting fire to his prison bed. Originally jailed in 2006 for ABH in a fight with his father, James has a low IQ and mental health problems and has frequently self-harmed. &... Read more...