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news round-up 5.5.17

(Posted on 08/05/17)

Forensic Science Regulator calls for Legal Aid rise Additional legal aid funding is needed to help Defence lawyers meet new digital forensics standards. “We need to fund forensic science properly and it needs to be funded from the centre,” Dr Gillian Tully told the Forensics Europe Expo in London. “It needs to be funded so that there’s appropriate money to achieve [these] standards.” Computer, phone and data technological... Read more...

news round-up 31.3.17

(Posted on 31/03/17)

The Great Repeal Bill and EU: Brexit Secretary David Davis confirmed that European case law will continue to have a bearing in British court decisions. Mr Davis described the three key elements of his White Paper into the Great Repeal Bill: repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, converting all EU law into UK law, and giving ministers the ability to tweak laws they wish to get rid of – the so-called Henry VIII powers*. &... Read more...

Imprisonment and Forensic Science Conference

Imprisonment and Forensic Science Conference(Posted on 31/03/17)

At the end of March, Inside Justice hosted its first youth conference, on ‘Imprisonment and Forensic Science’, in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall, kindly provided by the University of Essex. Read more...

news round-up 17.3.17

(Posted on 16/03/17)

Marine A guilty of manslaughter, not murder: A Royal Marine who shot dead a seriously wounded Taliban prisoner in Afghanistan has had his murder conviction quashed and replaced with one of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Since 2013, Alexander Blackman has been serving a life sentence in a civilian prison. He will be re-sentenced within weeks and could be released. The result of the appeal “... Read more...

Children of the Wrongfully Convicted are Invited to Participate in a Research Project on the Effects of Separation.

(Posted on 06/03/17)

For further information, please contact the researcher: St. Jean Jeudy in Centereach, New York, [email protected] Read more...

Rough justice: who is looking out for the wrongfully convicted?

Rough justice: who is looking out for the wrongfully convicted?(Posted on 28/02/17)

How internet sleuths - and secret courts - have changed the reporting of miscarriages of justice.First published in the New Statesman. Read more...