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News Round-Up Week Ending 17.2.17

(Posted on 20/02/17)

Randox in Hot Water. Two employees at a forensic science lab have been arrested by Greater Manchester Police.   Randox Testing Services analyses blood, saliva and hair samples on behalf of police forces.  Hundreds of convictions could be unsafe, based on incorrect toxicology test results. “Randox Testing Services have provided forensic services to police forces, including GMP, for the past two years,” said a police... Read more...


THE GET CARTER MURDER(Posted on 20/02/17)

Fifty years on, it’s about time justice was done… Read more...

News Round-Up Week Ending 6.1.17

(Posted on 06/01/17)

Forensic Risk! Forensic Science Regulator Gillian Tully has claimed that the quality of forensic science work in England and Wales is at risk and could threaten the integrity of the criminal justice system, the BBC reported today. Dr Tully wants statutory powers to enforce standards "as soon as possible", describing a lack of commitment in police forces to meet the required standards, and a significant risk of DNA contamination... Read more...

News Round-Up Week Ending 25.11.16

(Posted on 24/11/16)

1 in 10 Wrongfully Convicted! In a book published this week, Dutch philosopher Ton Derksen claims more mistakes are being made in the criminal justice system and more innocent people wrongly convicted than previously thought, reports False conviction rates for serious crimes resulting in life imprisonment are especially high. Derksen estimates error rates for the criminal justice system at between 4 and... Read more...

What Gove Did Next

What Gove Did Next(Posted on 24/11/16)

Michael Gove, former Justice Secretary, delivered the 2016 Longford Lecture this month: What’s Really Criminal About Our Justice System. Read more...

News Round-Up Week Ending 18.11.16

(Posted on 17/11/16)

Gove: Release 500 IPP Prisoners. In the 2016 Longford lecture this week, former Justice Secretary Michael Gove urged his successor Liz Truss to use her power of “executive clemency” to release 500 post-tariff prisoners serving imprisonment for public protection (IPP). “It is an inconvenient truth – which I swerved to an extent while in office – that we send too many people to prison,” Gove said. “... Read more...