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Louise Shorter Appearance at Leeds Festival of Ideas

(Posted on 14/09/23)

Louise Shorter Appearance at Leeds Festival of Ideas

Inside Justice founder and investigative journalist Louise Shorter will be appearing at the Leeds Festival of Ideas later this month. 

Louise will host a panel of other criminal justice experts such as Mark Williams-Thomas and Dr Coltan Scrivner as well as Richard McCann and actor, Gemma Whelan. 

The panel will explore our nation’s morbid curiosity, asking why our collective fascination with true crime productions is driving ratings sky high. Is it the subversive conduct and motivations of extreme characters? Is it the failure of the police investigations? Should storytelling be more focused on the victims, or is there a line to be drawn?

Ahead of the festival, Louise gave a short interview to Larry Budd on why people have such an obsession with true crime which is available to listen to on their website.  

Leeds Festival of Ideas takes place 27-30 September. 

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