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"My name is David Reece and I am currently serving a 19-year sentence at HMP Lowdham Grange for a crime I did not commit."

(Posted on 09/04/20)

"My name is David Reece and I am currently serving a 19-year sentence at HMP Lowdham Grange for a crime I did not commit."Inside Justice, a charity which investigates miscarriages of justice, has been working on David Reece's case since shortly after his conviction in 2018. A team of dedicated legal and forensic experts along with our in-house investigators spent more than 18 months working pro bono on getting his case to the Court of Appeal. We successfully did this in January 2020 but sadly David's conviction of conspiracy to import and supply Class 'A' drugs was upheld, devastating his family and friends.  We have made a short video about the build-up and response to David’s day in court

Our belief remains firm that there is something wholly wrong with David's conviction and we must now do everything we possibly can, with all the expertise Inside Justice has, to find that one thing that could get us back to the Court of Appeal, but we need your help.

The Inside Justice team is made almost entirely of experts working pro bono alongside volunteers and its CEO Louise Shorter. If David is to stand a chance of seeing justice we have to raise funds to support our work.

Charlotte Reece, David’s daughter said: “We will continue to fight to prove his innocence and wish to give our heartfelt thanks to Inside Justice for everything that they have done for him. So many people believe in him, which continues to fill us with hope that eventually we will be able to clear his name.

“None of this would’ve been possible without the involvement of Inside Justice. The time and expertise that they have spent on my dad’s case have been completely invaluable. On top of this, they have supported us as a family during the hardest time in our lives. We are beyond grateful for everything that Inside Justice has done for us and for my dad.”

David has already missed the birth of two grandchildren and many more special moments with his family because the jury got it wrong. Help us win justice for David and donate to Inside Justice now.

Thank you.