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News Round-Up Week Ending 22.7.16

(Posted on 22/07/16)


CCRC rejects Eddie Gilfoyle appeal 

The Wirral man’s conviction, for the 1992 murder of his pregnant wife Paula, will not be referred to the Court of Appeal, the Liverpool Echo reported this week.

After more than five years’ deliberation, the Criminal Cases Review Commission refused to further pursue his claim that he did not make her death look like a hanging suicide in their garage in Upton.

Gilfoyle spent 18 years in prison before his release in 2010.

The decision comes after the emergence of files that Merseyside Police had denied existed and a report describing the catalogue of mistakes made by officers at the crime scene.

“The Commissioner found no basis to refer it from all the arguments made to us,” a spokesman said. “Our statutory test is if the Court of Appeal would have a realistic chance of quashing a conviction - in this case, there was not.”

The CCRC previously denied Gilfoyle’s campaign back in 1991 but did refer the case to the Royal Courts of Justices, only for it to be thrown out by the Court of Appeal.

“I did not kill Paula,” Gilfoyle continued to insist. “I did not kill my [unborn] child.”