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News Round-Up Week Ending 29.1.16

(Posted on 29/01/16)


U-Turn on Legal Aid!

Michael Gove has dropped plans to drastically reduce the number of law firms allowed to do criminal legal aid work and for a further cut to fees.

The Justice Secretary said there had been too many challenges to his predecessor’s plans, over their effect on quality of, and access to, justice.

"My decision is driven in part by the recognition that the litigation will be time-consuming and costly for all parties, whatever the outcome,” Mr Gove said. "I do not want my department and the legal aid market to face months if not years of continuing uncertainty, and expensive litigation, while it is heard."

"This is a staggering admission from the Tory government,” The Shadow Justice Secretary Lord Falconer responded, “and represents a final confirmation that their plans to reform criminal legal aid have descended into utter chaos."

Chris Grayling was not available for comment.