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News Round-Up Week Ending 3.4.15

(Posted on 03/04/15)


DIY Justice!

On Monday night, BBC 1’s Panorama looked at the growing number of litigants in person in the wake of cuts to Legal Aid.
"I'm quite certain that if you don't allow those who can't afford it, legal assistance, that more and more serious miscarriages of justice will occur,” Sir Alan Moses, a judge for 19 years, told Raphael Rowe. "It seems to me inevitable that that will happen if you don't have skilled independent advocates arguing cases." 

Watch the programme on BBC iPlayer:

Irish Innocence Project's 1st International Conference & Film Festival

World class speakers are lining up for the June conference in Dublin, including American TV news reporter and investigator of miscarriages of justice Erin Moriarty, Innocence Project founders and directors Barry Sheck and Peter Neufeld, film director Jim Sheridan (In the Name of the Father, My Left Foot), and solicitor Gareth Peirce.

Register here:

Code of a Killer

ITV’s two-parter, starring David Threlfall and John Simm, tells the story of DCI David Baker and pioneering DNA scientist Alec Jeffreys, in the 1983 hunt for the killer of two teenage girls in Leicester.

“My first question when I was asked to do this drama was ‘Are the families okay with it?’ And they are,” David Threlfall, who plays DCI Baker, told What's on TV. “Everything was checked and double-checked, there was a lot of care about it. You want to be as truthful as you can. But at the same time, making a drama, we wanted to convey something of what that’s like for one human being to investigate this terrible thing that one person has done to another. It’s amazing to think that the configuration of these two men has resulting in something that’s used worldwide now!”

Code of a Killer starts on ITV at 9pm on Easter Monday.