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News Round-Up Week Ending 3.7.15

(Posted on 03/07/15)


Witch-Hunt out for DPP!

Calls for her resignation have followed the Director of Public Prosecutions’ reversal of her decision not to prosecute Lord Janner, after a review by an independent lawyer.

“Alison Saunders should be sacked – for the Janner case, and for her absurd views on rape,” wrote Julia Hartley Brewer in the Independent. “What the DPP has instructed goes against every principle of natural justice.”

In the Telegraph, Joan Smith argued in the DPP’s defence:

“In the 18 months she has been DPP, it has become clear that Saunders is not afraid of taking unpopular decisions or challenging powerful interests. She has made a lot of enemies.

“She’s shouldered the criticism and taken the flak, all the while refusing to be put off her quest to improve the justice system for women. I’m sure Saunders didn’t set out to be popular but I’m disgusted by these attacks on her integrity – and her courage.”