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News Round-Up Week Ending 6.1.17

(Posted on 06/01/17)


Forensic Risk!

Forensic Science Regulator Gillian Tully has claimed that the quality of forensic science work in England and Wales is at risk and could threaten the integrity of the criminal justice system, the BBC reported today.

Dr Tully wants statutory powers to enforce standards "as soon as possible", describing a lack of commitment in police forces to meet the required standards, and a significant risk of DNA contamination.

Since the closure of the national Forensic Science Service in 2012, forensic science work has been carried out by multiple private firms and police laboratories.

Concerns have previously been raised by the National Audit Office and MPs on the Science and Technology Committee, as well as on this site [FORENSICS: CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS?, 15/05/15].

In response, policing minister Brandon Lewis said a review of the internal governance of forensic science is underway.

“Controlling the quality of evidence is critical to reducing the risk of miscarriages of justice and criminal trials collapsing, as well as maintaining public confidence in the system,” he said.