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Police Officer convicted of 1978 rape

(Posted on 15/10/18)


Forty years ago, a woman in Leeds couldn’t afford to pay a fine. West Yorkshire Police Warrant Officer David Lomax told her she’d go to jail and her young daughter could be taken away unless she agreed to sex with him. He then raped her in her bedroom.

Although the woman reported the incident, she was told Lomax couldn’t be charged for lack of evidence.

Last week, Lomax, now 83, was convicted of rape and misconduct in a public office and sentenced to four years and nine months.

“I am quite satisfied that you believed that your position as a police officer gave you not only power but impunity as well,” His Honour Judge Mairs told him. “You threatened her with custody and her daughter being taken into care, and offered an escape route. That escape route was to satisfy your sexual needs.

“You probably thought that you had got away with it, while your victim has spent 40 years suffering as a result of what you have done.”

DNA matching Lomax was recently recovered from the woman’s towel in what may well be the oldest cold case review to date, illustrating the ability of technical advances in forensic science to help correct absences of justice and lack of conviction as well as miscarriages of justice and wrongful conviction.