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Statement from Kevin Nunn

(Posted on 01/07/14)


Following the Supreme Court's decision not to force Suffolk Constabulary to release key exhibits for new forensic testing, lifer Kevin Nunn told Inside Justice:

"The Supreme Court ruling is a bitter disappointment to my family, supporters and  myself in the long struggle to prove my innocence.

We didn't ask for anything  special but just a level playing field for access to forensic samples that if tested with improvements in forensic methods, had a very realistic chance of providing the fresh evidence required in any future appeal process.

This was a missed opportunity for the court to impart some common sense and wisdom particularly towards the retained spermatozoa sample that was given such prominence by the prosecution during the original trial .

This irrational Supreme Court ruling will sadly help conceal the truth in this and many other similar  miscarriage cases."

Kevin Nunn

Written 26th June 2014 

(without access to Supreme Court Judgement although given in on 18 th June 2014)