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The Green Mile?

(Posted on 27/09/18)

Valentino Dixon draws golf courses, hundreds of them, taking inspiration from Golf Digest magazine borrowed from a fellow inmate. 
“Something about the grass and sky was rejuvenating,” Dixon writes. “It seemed peaceful. I imagine playing it would be a lot like fishing.”
Over the years, his artwork came to the attention of an editor at the magazine, who wrote about Dixon and his case, noticing how flimsy the evidence that convicted him was. 
Dixon has served 27 years in custody for murder. He is the victim of a miscarriage of justice.
Now, with the help of Georgetown University’s Prisons and Justice Initiative, his wrongful conviction may finally be challenged.
Another man already serving life in prison for murder, LaMarr Scott, has pleaded guilty to the murder in question. He actually admitted responsibility on the night of the murder but was apparently persuaded to say otherwise by the prosecutor at the time. 
“Once a case crosses a certain threshold of media attention, it matters, even though it shouldn’t,” lawyer Donald Thompson told Golf Digest. “It’s embarrassing for the legal system that for a long time the best presentation of the investigation was from a golf magazine.”