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Where is Roger Kearney Now?

(Posted on 09/11/23)

Where is Roger Kearney Now?

After the hit TV series 'Conviction: Murder at the Station' was streamed on Netflix many viewers were left wondering where Roger Kearney is now?

The documentary was originally aired on BBC in 2016 but since then Inside Justice has continued to work with Roger and his family. 

Louise Shorter, Founder and lead investigator in the case said “Roger Kearney was devastated when told that Hampshire Constabulary had lost and destroyed exhibits, which they had a duty to keep in storage till he was released from prison.

"On Roger’s behalf we lodged a formal complaint through the Independent Office for Police Conduct but were told they would do nothing because the unlawful destruction of exhibits had taken place more than 12 months before – a bizarre policy which severely undermines their authority.

"At Inside Justice we launched legal action to challenge the police refusal to hand over CCTV material. We carried out new investigations and, in August 2020, submitted a new application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission on Roger’s behalf. More than three years later we still don’t know what work the CCRC has done, despite us providing new forensic opportunities and raising serious concerns which had come to us via members of the public following the broadcast of Conviction: Murder at the Station. The CCRC was established to restore confidence in a criminal justice system in crisis. Delays and ineffective use of statutory powers by the CCRC risk a return to crisis once again.”

Roger Kearney, who is still in prison, said “I did not kill Paula. I want the truth to come out. I am hoping the CCRC do everything  within their power to help me prove my innocence.

"I pray the CCRC will commission the new forensic work Inside Justice has identified and pursue the CCTV which is paramount as Hampshire Constabulary have destroyed or lost all other opportunities. I am extremely grateful for the work that Inside Justice has done and continues to do and the loving support of my family.”

Louisa, Roger’s daughter said “My father is not a killer. He was a first aider, a safety steward and a union rep - a helper. He is now a trained Samaritan. I have never believed he is capable of killing Paula.

"Dad has missed out on so much and I shall not give up. The police have gone against all procedures and destroyed vital evidence, yet no one is asking why and even worse no one is held accountable.

"I want people to start asking questions and more than anything I want my dad home. The real killer is still out there. If you know anything please, please contact Inside Justice"

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