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News Round-Up Week Ending 2.10.15

(Posted on 02/10/15)


MPs Quizzed on Miscarriages of Justice:

The latest SAFARI newsletter discusses MPs’ responses to a call for changes in the legal system to protect the falsely accused.

“Responses mainly fell into two categories: on the one hand, many MPs simply do not believe that the legal system is failing many falsely accused people. 

“Others were generally supportive of our campaign and felt that justice for everyone – including the falsely accused – is vital.”

SAFARI’s goal is “to bring to the public’s attention the sheer number of people who have been falsely accused of committing a crime and yet found guilty”.

“It’s now time for us all to start writing to the newspapers as the next stage of our campaign. The aim is to have our letters & emails published. This brings the issue of false allegations into the public eye. As Desmond Swayne MP said, we need to ‘bring to the forefront of public conscience the miscarriages that do take place’ – newspapers are very powerful at doing that.”

A template letter and a list of newspaper email addresses are included in the newsletter: